Our Team

 Feeling too young to be fed up with boring jobs, we've embarked on a journey to do what we love for a living; that is, riding bicycles.  We revel in the challenge of biking in inclement weather and are always excited to make a delivery.  We are thrilled with the success of Crucial Couriers and are dedicated to serving the Burlington community.




Eddie Ogiony  is truly crucial.

His time in Buffalo, NY has hardened

him against the toughest of wintry

mixes.  Him on snowy streets is

like riding a bike.  He is ready to

carry the Crucial Couriers torch

onward through the darkness of

Vermont's winters.



 Harrison Hagan's feet are

tires, his hands are bars and his

sunglasses are perpetually

mud-stained.  Harrison tackles

the toughest terrain like a champion.

He has never been late for

anything in his entire life. 

He is sickeningly fast.


 Zack Rouda was born on a

bicycle.  He has taken on the most

gruesome conditions in the world

after spending time in New York City

where he earned an infamous

reputation among the cab drivers. 

He is frighteningly fast.

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