Crucial Couriers was founded in September, 2009 by Harrison Hagan and Zack Rouda. While studying at the University of Vermont, Zack and Harrison created an eco-friendly, sustainable and profitable business based around their love of and passion for bicycling. Crucial Couriers quickly became a household name in the Burlington area, providing Burlington residents and businesses with safe and sustainable home delivery.

In August, 2011, Zack and Harrison sold and transferred ownership of Crucial Couriers in Vermont to Eddie Ogiony and Nicholas Manorana.

In December, 2014, Zack opened a new branch of Crucial Couriers in Portland, Maine.

We are Portland, Maine's bicycle delivery service.


We are committed to providing The Forest City a green and sustainable courier/delivery service. Bicycles allow us to move quickly through and across the peninsula and surrounding areas in all weather without taxing the resources of the natural world as much as automobiles. We're passionate about serving individuals as well as the local business community. We take things places, and make ends meet.

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